Tattooed with Sound and Solitude

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NEW Video!

"Love of my Life"


A single in collaboration with ANHONI & J Ralph

ANOHNI has teamed up with musician Jade Bell and composer/activist J. Ralph for a new song, “KARMA.” Proceeds support Jade Bell’s non-profit organization Jade’s KIDS, which aims to prevent substance abuse and drug addiction among children and youth.


Dear family, friends and followers of Jade Bell and Blind Focus.


It gives me great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment as an artist in its truest form to announce June’s single release today, June 30th. Love of My Life is now available on Jade Bell and Blind Focus bandcamp to purchase; for music collectors and those who want to support our creative endeavors. Love of My Life is my first autobiographical release since my cowrite on  Karma with Anohni. It's music video took my creative ability to the next level I feel. Impossible is a word that doesn't exist in my vocabulary. It has been replaced with words like manifestation, magic and the power of creative

intention. That made  it possible to piece my vision for this sweet 50s retro theme video scene by scene and shot by shot flawlessly. Here's the link for the video, if it's not magical, in its own rights...then I don't know what is. 


Yours truly,

Jaded with Creativity

Victoria, BC Tuesday June 28th 2020

Today I'm happy to announce our second monthly release 'Raven Called Crow'!  I pieced together this Video with my heightened sense of feeling to best support the meaning of my lyrics visually. When Covid-19 passes...I hope that it's not forgotten that Mother Earth sent a wake up call by creating a virus to stop humanity's madness dead in it's tracks.

VICTORIA, BC Thursday, April 30, 2020— Hey beautiful people, I am back with a new collaborative single release! "Touch" is inspired by the pandemic and I  spent two weeks piecing footage shots from around the globe from YouTube for it's moving music video! 

Tattooed with Sound and Solitude

LP's & Documentary in production! 

We are in full production!  In collaboration with incredibly talented musicians, the upcoming LP's will serve as the Soundtrack for the upcoming documentary about Bell's creative journey. This  documentary will serve as a follow-up to the original documentary

'Harpooned Soul, the Jade Bell Story' 

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