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Tattooed with Sound and Solitude

With Beautiful Noise

NEW Video!


Unveiled Cover Image.jpeg

A single in collaboration with ANHONI & J Ralph

ANOHNI has teamed up with musician Jade Bell and composer/activist J. Ralph for a new song, “KARMA.” Proceeds support Jade Bell’s non-profit organization Jade’s KIDS, which aims to prevent substance abuse and drug addiction among children and youth.


November 1st 2020

Dear friends, family & fans,


Unveiled has to be the most exhilarating album that I produced to date. My journey releasing monthly singles coincided with the world in lockdown in April 2020. Covid19 spread at such velocity to become the next pandemic. As the world began to lockdown, each melody began to soar. It was also when I decided to take my artistry from song to music video to give some visual perspective and more meaning to my lyrics. Spreading in tandem with the velocity of the virus, my desire and artistry transformed from melody and song to harness the vastness of the visual field. Embracing new perspective, uncovering greater depths from spirit, Unveiled is accompanied with my latest extension - 5 new music videos.

LP's & Documentary in production! 

We are in full production!  In collaboration with incredibly talented musicians, the upcoming LP's will serve as the Soundtrack for the upcoming documentary about Bell's creative journey. This  documentary will serve as a follow-up to the original documentary

'Harpooned Soul, the Jade Bell Story' 

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