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Raven Called Crow'

Good day friends, family & followers of Jade Bell & Blind Focus,

Today I'm happy to announce our second monthly release 'Raven Called Crow' (available on bandcamp ). Here's the link to the video ( I pieced together with my heightened sense of feeling to best support the meaning of my lyrics visually. When Covid-19 passes...I hope that it's not forgotten that Mother Earth sent a wake up call by creating a virus to stop humanity's madness dead in it's tracks. Long enough to re-prioritize our long held value systems. A main one is what's being done to our planet. Our tear drop world.

I want to thank Richard Leon Gauthier for mirroring my lyrics emotions and bringing them to life in song; with a passionate duet performed by him and Sarah Osborne (From Sarah Osborne & The Magic Buttons). Marc Jenkins' (Director of The Choirs YYJ) contribution with haunting steel pedal guitar. Darren Doherty for keeping rhythm with his six string acoustic guitar. Ian Van Wyck for sticking to the basics with his upright bass and Troy Gerow's layed back drum beats. As well as special thanks to my man Andy Meyers (Allowed Sound Studio) for doing an amazing job mixing and mastering. Stéphanie Prest (Artist at Imprest) for being my eyes by finding all the clips I envisioned for the video and editing it into a profound work of art. Last but not least, the collective consciousness for meeting me in the silent desert of creativity.

With beautiful noise,


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