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Touch to Unveiled

VICTORIA, BC Thursday, April 30, 2020— Hey beautiful people, I am back with a new collaborative single release! "Touch" is the first release since "Karma", which I co-wrote with Anohni from Antony and the Johnson's in March 2019. I was inspired by the pandemic in writing “Touch”, and spent two weeks piecing footage shot around the globe from YouTube for it's moving music video. The lyrics for this single were written and produced by yours truly, the melody and vocals are performed by Richard Leon Gauthier, and the mixing and mastering was done by Andy Meyers at Allowed Sound Studio.

I plan to release a new single every month, which will culminate into the full album, titled "Unveiled" which I have been working on for just over a year. ‘Unveiled’ is the first of three albums to be released in the upcoming months! Months back, I had no idea I would have 24 studio recorded songs and a pandemic to face. But as many of you know, I am no stranger to the paradox of being isolated. For those of you who don’t know, I lost my sight, ability to talk, and mobility following a near fatal overdose at the age of 23 in 1997. Since then, my mission has been to educate youth on the dangers of illicit drug use by being a living example of the outcome. The documentary, Harpooned Soul, explores my journey, so if you want to know more check it out.

I have used creativity as an outlet and coping mechanism for my severely altered reality for many years now, and that is the message I have for the many struggling with addiction. I try to inspire youth and all ages to choose creativity over drug use and I honestly feel that this message is particularly potent right now, with so much uncertainty.

"Touch" will be released Thursday, April 30, 2020 on bandcamp and the link will be on the official website at The music video will be shared on former collaborator, dear friend and supporter, Anohni's instagram at

Anohni stated after our release of "Karma" last year, “It wasn’t hard to get behind someone with as much guts as Jade, who is helping young people to reach for creativity instead of heroin or fentanyl"; a statement I continue to be very touched by!

With the release of "Touch" I continue to try and share the message of tapping into creativity and connection to make it through difficult times.

I have been bringing my poetry to life in the form of music since 2008, and Offering up these poems for collaboration with various musicians who have all been pivotal in bringing them to life. It is magical working with musicians who can mirror my emotions through my lyrics and bring them to life in song." Blessed with a continuously evolving assembly of musicians known as Blind Focus, the compositions have evolved into an inspired blend of acoustic folk, soul and blues.

I am excited to share these singles and following albums with everyone. ‘Touch’ music video will also be posted on Jade Bell and Blind Focus’ Facebook page and our official site

Tattooed with sound and solitude,


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