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Unveiled Album & Video Release

Dear friends, family & fans,

Unveiled has to be the most exhilarating album that I produced to date. My journey releasing monthly singles coincided with the world in lockdown in April 2020. Covid19 spread at such velocity to become the next pandemic. As the world began to lockdown, each melody began to soar. It was also when I decided to take my artistry from song to music video to give some visual perspective and more meaning to my lyrics. Spreading in tandem with the velocity of the virus, my desire and artistry transformed from melody and song to harness the vastness of the visual field. Embracing new perspective, uncovering greater depths from spirit, Unveiled is accompanied with my latest extension - 5 new music videos. I sometimes wish that this majestic video phoenix had risen earlier in my career but we can only arrive when we're ready and Unveiled, is finally here! " Love is a fascinating mystery written in black on the back of your hand..." It's been seven months of taking my imagination and creative capacity to a whole new level. I believe the fact that I’m blind, mute with fettered mobility makes me hyper receptive to the collective consciousness. I call it the silent desert of creativity where prophecies are offered to humanity from the universe. The lyrics came to me some time ago, when I was in deep consideration of what I desire on a personal basis. It's an autobiographical account of a future visioned relationship. Some might refer to it as a manifestation to music, a love song about a writer and his hypothetical muse.......his lover. He is lost in his imagination; seeking out in his fantasies how best to win the heart of the woman he has fallen for. Eloquently beautiful are the two words I would use to best describe this song. Love and romance are the two themes in the video; themes that I nurture in many of my songs. .The heart of the lyrics' unraveled when piecing the video with each line and each powerful visual interpretation. In my playground of sound I’ve been blessed to excavate into what beats on the outside of my skin to collaborate with the collective consciousness as well as my tribe of talent who mirrored my lyrics' emotions and brought them to life in song. Introducing the 5th music video and title track for this album! Here’s the band camp link to the album with 4 unreleased songs added! ) All I know is whatever force or energy that created this album, driving me to my wits end as I persisted from the darkest of crevices at times as well as experiencing the wonder of regeneration during the three year window between my last album and that Unveiled broke the mold. May the songs within be heard, burn an inscription of love on your hearts and be appreciated 'til the end of time. With rhythm and rhyme, Jade

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